Maintain or Run to Failure? The Basics.

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The first in a multi-part series on comparing preventive maintenance to run to failure in the CNC plasma Industry So, you just finished your one day of free OEM training on your new CNC plasma system and now you’re expected to know everything. You’ve learned in one day what some people spend their entire career… Read more »

Eight tips for improving your CNC plasma cut quality

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We’re always happy to troubleshoot issues and provide guidance, but customers can often achieve better cutting outcomes on their own by running through the following questions: 1. Are you making cuts in the right direction? When using standard consumables, the plasma arc spins clockwise as the torch moves forward into the cut. The squarest cut… Read more »

XPR300 Customer Cut Photos

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XPR300 Customer Cut: One of our customers recently purchased a 6′ x 12′ Victory EDGE Connect CNC Plasma System with a high-def Hypertherm XPR300. Ross owns a custom fab shop and just sent the following photos of his cuts on 3/4″ mild steel. He was cutting .67″ holes for 5/8″ bolts, 1.520″ holes for a… Read more »

Cutting aluminum with plasma

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One of our most frequently asked questions revolves around cutting aluminum with plasma. Plasma cutting works for any material that conducts electricity and modern plasma cutting technology yields excellent results on aluminum. Aluminum cutting requires different gasses and consumables than steel cutting. High-def steel cutting typically uses oxygen as the primary gas and compressed air… Read more »