Cutting aluminum with plasma

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One of our most frequently asked questions revolves around cutting aluminum with plasma. Plasma cutting works for any material that conducts electricity and modern plasma cutting technology yields excellent results on aluminum. Aluminum cutting requires different gasses and consumables than steel cutting. High-def steel cutting typically uses oxygen as the primary gas and compressed air… Read more »

Hypertherm Launches New XPR300 Plasma Cutter

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Victory Plasma is excited to add the new XPR300 plasma cutter to our industry-leading plasma cutting systems. Hypertherm’s excellent new plasma cutter features all-new internal technology and an enormous coolant pump. Equally important, this enables the XPR300 plasma cutter to do virtually the same work as an HPR400XD with 100 amps less.  This high definition… Read more »

CNC Plasma Cutting Makes Precision Cut Control More Accessible

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CNC plasma cutting used to be available only to large industrial manufacturers who could afford the price tag of $100,000 or more. Advances in technology have made CNC plasma cutting more accessible and more affordable to almost everyone. Some essential elements to consider in selecting a CNC plasma cutting system include the mechanical components, the… Read more »

Plasma Cutting Software Solutions

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Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software facilitates automated manufacturing processes by controlling machinery. Commonly referred to as nesting software, CAM software is often used in conjunction with computer-aided design (CAD). As an industry leader in plasma cutting, Hypertherm has developed several nesting software solutions for CNC sheet and plate cutting applications. Hypertherm ProNest® nesting software offers the… Read more »

True Hole® Plasma Technology – A Whole Solution

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One of the biggest challenges in CNC plasma cutting is getting round holes. Holes that are out-of-round or tapered (when the top of hole is larger than bottom) are common and frustrating. Hole quality is influenced by factors like cut height, lead-in, arc position, cut speed, and more.  Hypertherm True Hole® now optimizes hole cutting when cutting… Read more »

Preparing For System Installation

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When adding a plasma cutting system to your operation, it is important to consider logistical factors prior to system installation. You will want to have a plan in place before your new system arrives, so you will have an easy install and a smooth start up. 1. Desired Table Layout Before system installation, confirm the… Read more »

Seven Questions for a New Plasma System

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Investing in a plasma cutting system will lead to significant gains in productivity, product quality, and long-term cost-savings for many businesses. Here are seven questions to consider when considering the purchase of a CNC plasma system: 1. What thickness of metal will you cut most frequently? Plasma cutting power sources are rated by their amperage… Read more »

Plasma Cutting 101

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Understanding plasma cutting begins with defining plasma, gas that has become electrically conductive through the process of ionization. As an electrically conductive gas, plasma is utilized to transfer energy from the electrical power source through the plasma cutting torch to cut any electrically conductive material like mild steel, aluminum, brass or copper. A plasma arc… Read more »