The Victory TS is a light-duty CNC plasma cutting system based on our regular heavy-duty industrial systems. This dual-side drive system is constructed of 10-gauge steel (vs. 3/16″ plate for our industrial models). Make no mistake: this is not a flimsy, bolt-together unit. It features a welded tub with the gantry mounted solidly on top. In order to stay at this price point, it does not have nesting or material management software. It is a complete, turn-key unit: the controller and plasma are installed and tested prior to delivery. Delivery includes installation and onsite training.

Pricing starts at $38,000.

Controller & Drives
  • Victory-Hypertherm EDGE Connect TS Mounted in Victory enclosure
  • Three Emergency Stops
  • 3 x 400 Watt Yaskawa AC Brushless Servos & EtherCAT Drives
  • Direct Drive Planetary Gear Boxes
Hypertherm Software
  • Phoenix Cutting Software
  • 64 Part Shape Library
  • Cutting Charts
  • ProNest CNC* Limited Use
  • Optional Nesting Software
Work Table
  • 10ga Walls,
  • C4x5.4 Frame
  • Water or Down Draft
  • Infinite Water Level Adj
  • Fabricated Steel with Dual 25MM Linear Guides Running on Unitized T Rails
Gear Rack
  • .75″ x .75” Straight Teeth
Power Chain
  • 11” IGUS
Equipment Options
  • Powermax125 or MAXPRO200
  • 1-CNC Ox/Fuel Torch
  • 12 month