The Victory TS is a light-duty CNC plasma cutting and based on our regular heavy-duty industrial system. It’s a dual-side drive system constructed of 10 gauge steel (vs. 3/16″ plate for our industrial models).Make no mistake: this is not a flimsy, bolt-together unit. It features a welded tub with with the gantry mounted solidly on top. In order to stay at this price point, it does not have nesting and material management software or a collision detector. It is a complete, turn-key unit that has the controller and plasma installed and tested prior to delivery. Delivery includes installation and onsite training. 

The Victory TS features the following:

Thermal Dynamics Performance controller
Hypertherm Powermax125 plasma cutter
Unitized systems available with 5′ x 10′ cut area and water table or downdraft cutting bed
Cutting beds are 1’ wider and 3’ longer than cut area for loading and unloading
Remote login is standard and allows Victory technicians to assist you In training and diagnostics
Micro CAD: completely compatible with AutoCAD
Systems are delivered with plasma cutter & controller installed and tested
All systems are delivered and installed by a Victory technician and include onsite training
Options: oxy-fuel torch, nesting software