Victory CNC Plasma Systems offers high-definition HPRXD® CNC plasma cutters for the widest range of metal plasma cutting applications. Specialized stainless steel cutting technology enables unsurpassed results from thin to the thickest piercing and cutting requirements. Hypertherm HyPerformance® CNC plasma cutters offer advanced stainless steel cutting, with new HDi technology for thin stainless and optimized gas mixing for mid-range thicknesses. Patented PowerPierce® technology combined with an innovative controlled pierce process delivers the thickest piercing and cutting capability available. Advantages offered by the HPRXD plasma cutter include:
  • Thick stainless steel piercing and cutting – PowerPierce technology offers robust production pierce capability, eliminating the need for pre drilling operations to enhance productivity
  • HDi stainless steel technology – HDi thin stainless steel technology provides extremely sharp top edge quality, shiny surface finish, and superior angularity with reduced angle variation.
  • Mid-range stainless steel cutting – optional HPRXD auto-gas console optimally mixes H35 and nitrogen plasma gas with nitrogen shield gas to deliver superior cut quality
  • Patented PowerPierce technology – Patented consumable designs deliver pierce and severance capabilities expected of higher amperage systems; significantly improves shield robustness to reduce downtime and operating cost
HPRXD HyPerformance CNC plasma cutters deliver superior performance and excellent results in a range of models to suit specific needs.
Mild Steel
Pierce capacity (argon-assist shield gas) 40mm / 1-9/16"50mm / 2"
Pierce capacity (standard air shield gas) 35mm / 1-3/8"45mm / 1-3/4"
Severance60mm / 2-3/8"80mm / 3-1/8"
Stainless Steel
Pierce capacity 22mm / 7/8"38mm / 1-1/2"
Severance38mm / 1-1/2"75mm / 3"
Pierce capacity 25mm / 1"38mm / 1-1/2"
Severance38mm / 1-1/2"50 / 2"

Systems That Feature This Plasma

Rail & Gantry Bridge