Victory CNC Plasma Systems builds every industrial CNC plasma system in house and uses Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics equipment to create a top quality package. We’re your answer for any custom industrial CNC plasma cutting system needs. We offer standard sizes and systems as well as custom applications. We are small enough to be versatile and large enough to provide quality service. If you need a standalone pipe cutter, a CNC plasma system or a customized machine integrated with your current production line, we can build it. With over 180 systems built and installed, we have the engineering and fabrication experience to build the system that fits your needs. Let us know your application and we’ll provide a quality and affordable solution.

Hypertherm offers the HPR800XD, which is capable of cutting stainless steel up to 6.25”. We can build a system to support and cut that plate, in almost any footprint.


  • Oxy-fuel only tables with single or two-stage torches
  • Systems built to support and cut 2”, 4” or 6” plate
  • Coiled Stock Plasma Profile Processor

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