Advances in plasma cutting technology have led to substantial cut quality improvements in plasma cutting stainless steel for a variety of applications. While plasma cutting stainless steel is not a new concept, the capabilities of today’s plasma cutting systems have been greatly expanded. A wider range of gas choices and amperages offer plasma system operators a broader range of options for cutting various thicknesses. Manufacturers can select the best amperage for a specific thickness and strike the right balance between productivity and cut quality.

We offer Hypertherm HPRXD stainless steel plasma cutting systems, which deliver outstanding results in piercing and cutting applications from light weight gauge all the way up to 6 1/4″ thick aluminum and stainless steel. HyPerformance plasma sets the standard for stainless steel cutting with:

  • HDi technology for thin stainless steel
  • Optimized gas mixing for mid-range thicknesses
  • Patented PowerPierce® technology for the thick material

PowerPierce technology addresses the challenge of molten material viscosity in plasma cutting stainless steel. With mild steel cutting, the viscosity of the molten material is low and the resulting dross that hardens on the bottom of the plate is often easy to remove, without requiring secondary operations like grinding. Stainless steel dross has a much higher viscosity, so it can be problematic to remove. PowerPierce employs liquid cooled shield technology, which repels molten material during piercing and cutting.

The HPRXD combines technology with an innovative controlled pierce process for the thickest piercing and cutting capability available.

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