Hypertherm Cut With Confidence
Victory Plasma is proud to partner with Hypertherm to offer our customers the best in plasma cutting. From the standard-definition Powermax and MAXPRO200 to the high-definition HyPerformance family, we’ve got your cutting needs covered. We offer the EdgePro controller, ArcGlide, AutoGas, ProNest and True Hole.

Hypertherm CAD/CAM Software
Hypertherm has offered specialized cutting software since 1984. We offer entry-level NestMaster, intermediate level TurboNest or the advanced level ProNest.

Automated drilling is an option on most of our Victory machines and Suhner makes the most dependable and durable automated drill on the market today. We use electrically-powered pneumatically-actuated drills fitted with twist drill bits or annular cutters depending on the model.