In addition to unitized systems (where the gantry mounts to the cutting bed), we also offer industrial CNC plasma systems with an independent heavy-duty steel gantry riding on floor-mounted rails and columns. The style offers many options: the rails can be longer or wider than the material table to afford cutting space for hard to cut items like beams, pipe or weldments or a gantry-mounted operator station can be added for long systems.

The gantry rides over a free-standing water table or downdraft cutting bed. We offer two systems in this style: the Rail & Gantry System is available in any size up to 10′ x 30′, while the Bridge System is available in widths up to 20′ and lengths up to 100’. Systems are built approximately 2′ wider and 3′ longer than the cutting area so that the gantry can be moved completely out of the way for loading and unloading material.

We offer Hypertherm’s standard-definition Powermax125 or MAXPRO200 or high-definition HPR or XPR plasmas. These systems feature dual 750-watt servo drives on the long axis. They also ship with controllers and plasmas installed and tested.

Options include single or multiple oxy-fuel torches, drilling heads, integrated pipecutter and our SnapLock StraightLine manual plasma bevel head or a five-axis full-contour plasma beveler. All our systems are shipped with plasma cutters and controllers installed and tested and delivery includes installation and onsite training. All Victory systems feature remote login for troubleshooting and training assistance.

We can build and install the cutting table or provide you with drawings for building one. If you need a custom design and we can work with you to meet your need.