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XPR300 Customer Cut: One of our customers recently purchased a 6′ x 12′ Victory EDGE Connect CNC Plasma System with a high-def Hypertherm XPR300. Ross owns a custom fab shop and just sent the following photos of his cuts on 3/4″ mild steel. He was cutting .67″ holes for 5/8″ bolts, 1.520″ holes for a 1.5″ shaft and 2.020″ holes for 2″ shafts. He was extremely pleased with the cut quality.

The XPR300 has been a game changer for customers: it offers amazing cut quality for an affordable price. You can read more about the XPR300 here.

Looking for something similar? Call us at 877.683.6844 or request a quote. Or, read more about the XPR300 here.