While there are many methods for cutting mild steel, plasma cutting mild steel is the most cost-effective solution and works extremely well for cutting plates of varying thickness. gas is forced through the plasma torch nozzle at high speed, then an electric charge super heats and ionizes the gas generating a plasma arc. This melts the steel being cut. This process is quick enough to force the molten material away from the area, creating a clean cut in the mild steel.

As the most commonly used steel, mild steel is also the least expensive of all steel. Mild steel is used in nearly every type of steel product made. Mild steel is very hard and durable, but does have the drawback of being prone to rust, so it must be sealed with paint or coated for protection. Mild steel can be magnetized and used in almost any project that requires a vast amount of metal.

Plasma cut mild steel is used in the manufacture of many steel products including tanks, rail cars, heavy equipment and other component parts. The properties of mild steel enable electrical current to travel through it without distorting the material makeup. High-carbon steels such as stainless steel require special cutting provisions. Since it is less brittle than high-carbon steels, mild steel is able to flex and give in construction projects where the high-carbon steels would break.

Victory Plasma offers a wide range of plasma cutters that are ideally suited to plasma cutting mild steel, such as Hypertherm’s Powermax125 or MAXPRO200. For high-definition cutting, the Hypertherm HPRXD and XPR also deliver exceptional performance on mild steel.

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