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XPR300 plasma cutterVictory Plasma is excited to add the new XPR300 plasma cutter to our industry-leading plasma cutting systems. Hypertherm’s excellent new plasma cutter features all-new internal technology and an enormous coolant pump. Equally important, this enables the XPR300 plasma cutter to do virtually the same work as an HPR400XD with 100 amps less.  This high definition plasma cutter features True Hole technology, which gives you excellent plasma cut holes. Additionally, the XPR300 plasma cutter also has improved consumable life. Together with excellent consumable life, the new Vented Water Injection (VWI) creates a water curtain when cutting non-ferrous materials to provide excellent cuts, most importantly on stainless steel and aluminum. Notably, the patent-pending process uses nitrogen to cut and water to shield. Accordingly, advantages include square edges, reduced angularity, and excellent surface finish. Most importantly, the XPR300 plasma cutter also includes a host of benefits that redefine ease-of-use:
  • Intuitive operation and automatic monitoring
  • Full control of all functions and settings via the CNC
  • Automatic system monitoring and specific troubleshooting codes
  • EasyConnect™ torch lead and one hand torch-to-receptacle connection for easy change-outs
  • QuickLock™ electrode for simple consumable replacement
  • WiFi in power supply connects mobile devices and LAN for multiple system monitoring and service
Hypertherm’s XPR300 plasma cutter is programmed to deliver the highest quality cuts and best system performance. Furthermore, the advanced power supply technology provides responsive and rapid system feedback. As a result, it also provides automatic intervention to prevent situations that negatively impact system efficiency. Victory Plasma is proud to make this industry-leading new technology available to our customers. Victory Plasma gives you the best systems and the best support. Contact us to learn more about the new Hypertherm XPR300 plasma cutter and how it can work for you. Check out customer cut photos here. You can read more at Hypertherm’s site