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One of the biggest challenges in CNC plasma cutting is getting round holes. Holes that are out-of-round or tapered (when the top of hole is larger than bottom) are common and frustrating. Hole quality is influenced by factors like cut height, lead-in, arc position, cut speed, and more.  Hypertherm True Hole® now optimizes hole cutting when cutting mild steel. Hypertherm’s patented True Hole technology produces hole quality superior to anything previously achievable using plasma. True Hole technology is applied automatically to produce unequalled hole quality.

With True Hole technology Without True Hole Technology

True Hole Development

Hypertherm engineers conducted extensive tests and research to perfect the hole cutting process when developing True Hole. They conducted hole cutting tests, gathered data with advanced plasma technology and advanced motion control technology. In addition, they researched height control capability and developed a list of setup parameters. The researchers hired a dedicated CAD programmer.

They discovered that the programmer needed new data to control more than a dozen parameters. These parameters were unique to every hole diameter, every material thickness, and every plasma power level. Given the level of complexity and expertise required, Hypertherm needed to develop a practical solution. As a result, they created a large database automatically controlled through computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

Hypertherm engineers also reviewed a variety of nesting packages for CNC cutting. They studied how each system automated the input of CAD drawing files and positioning of parts to maximize plate usage. They tested more sophisticated features that took aggressive control of the machine code to automatically manipulate feed rates, plasma on/off timing, torch height control functions, and inventory control of plate remnants.

The result of their research was True Hole.

True Hole cut quality revolutionizes plasma cutting performance. It is available on systems with HPRXD and XPR300 high-definition plasma cutters with automatic gas control option. Also required is ProNest software and the True Hole module. The process is automatically applied when cutting holes up to 1” diameter in gauge to 1” mild steel plate.

To learn more about Hypertherm True Hole, contact Victory Plasma.