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Plasma Cutting Software Solutions Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software facilitates automated manufacturing processes by controlling machinery. Commonly referred to as nesting software, CAM software is often used in conjunction with computer-aided design (CAD).

As an industry leader in plasma cutting, Hypertherm has developed several nesting software solutions for CNC sheet and plate cutting applications. Hypertherm ProNest® nesting software offers the right level of capability to suit most needs, whether it’s advanced cutting in a production environment, or fabricating parts in a machine shop:
  • ProNest Advanced Enables fabricators and manufacturers to increase material savings, raise productivity, lower operating costs, and optimize part quality through the highest level of cutting expertise./li>
  • ProNest LTIntermediate Designed for light industrial, mechanized cutting in production environments, it is a single software solution for all conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines.
  • ProNest LTSEntry-Level Developed for light industrial, mechanized cutting in machine shop environments, it offers a software solution for one cutting machine, equipped for conventional plasma or oxyfuel.
Hypertherm ProNest software reduces waste and optimizes enhanced manufacturing and production efficiency through increased production speeds, and precision. This software can also be used for computer-driven manufacturing processes, facilitating additional automation of management, material tracking and planning.

Hypertherm software works with virtually any type of CNC plasma cutting systems, using a universal export (interchange) format called DXF. Drawings created in a DXF format can be easily imported into most plasma cutting systems.

See which ProNest package is best suited to your needs by looking at Hypertherm’s software comparison chart.

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