Victory CNC Plasma Systems is your source for Hypertherm’s cutting edge XPR300TM CNC plasma cutter with X-Definition. The XPR300 represents the most advanced mechanized plasma cutting technology available and significantly expands on the Hypertherm’s HyDefinition process.  

Innovative XPR300 new features including:
  • Cool Nozzle
  • Vented Water Injection (VWI)
  • Vent-to-shield
  • Plasma dampening
  • Advanced arc stability
The system also introduces X-Definition™, a whole new level of cut quality for stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum that surpasses Hypertherm’s previous HyDefinition benchmark. Hypertherm’s HyDefinition brought excellent cut quality to mild steel and X-Definition brings the same excellent cut quality to stainless steel and aluminum.  

Additional advantages of the XPR300 include:
  • Includes True Hole technology (depending on system)
  • Triples realized consumable life in many applications
  • Easier to run with minimal operator intervention
  • Optimal performance and unmatched reliability
  • 20% thicker piercing capability on stainless steel; 30% thicker on mild steel
This revolutionary plasma cutter increases cut speed and significantly enhances productivity, giving businesses the opportunity to reduce operating costs by 50%. The 300 amp XPR300 performs like the 400 amp HPR400XD. The XPR300 is featured on both our EDGE Connect and True Hole systems.