Victory CNC Plasma Systems offers the next generation high-definition XPR™ plasma cutters which represent the most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology. Offering unmatched X-Definition® cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the XPR increases cut speed, dramatically improves productivity and slashes operating costs. Specialized stainless steel cutting technology enable unsurpassed results from thin to the thickest piercing and cutting requirements. Hypertherm HyPerformance® CNC plasma cutters offer advanced stainless steel cutting, with new HDi technology for thin stainless and optimized gas mixing for mid-range thicknesses. Patented PowerPierce® technology combined with an innovative controlled pierce process delivers the thickest piercing and cutting capability available.

Advantages offered by the XPR plasma cutter include:
  • Industry-leading cut quality – X-Definition – Improves cut quality and consistency (cut angularity) through the life of the consumables. Delivers superior stainless steel and aluminum cut quality across the thickness ranges providing cleaner, sharper, and more consistent edge quality.
  • Optimized productivity, lower operating costs – Dramatic improvement in consumable life on mild steel applications. Fast cutting speeds and consistent high-quality outcomes reduce labor required to process cutting with XPR. High quality argon marking uses the same cutting consumables.
  • Engineered system optimization – XPR advanced arc response technology automatically intervenes to certain events that can lead to decreased consumable life or possible torch damage.
Innovative XPR features include:
  • Cool Nozzle
  • Vented Water Injection (VWI)
  • Vent-to-shield
  • Plasma dampening
  • Advanced arc stability
The system also introduces X-Definition™, a whole new level of cut quality for stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum that surpasses Hypertherm’s previous HyDefinition benchmark. Hypertherm’s HyDefinition brought excellent cut quality to mild steel and X-Definition brings the same excellent cut quality to stainless steel and aluminum.

Additional advantages of the XPRs include:
  • Includes True Hole technology (depending on system)
  • Triples realized consumable life in many applications
  • Easier to run with minimal operator intervention
  • Optimal performance and unmatched reliability
  • 20% thicker piercing capability on stainless steel; 30% thicker on mild steel
This revolutionary plasma cutter increases cut speed and significantly enhances productivity, giving businesses the opportunity to reduce operating costs by 50%. The 300 amp XPR300 performs like the 400 amp HPR400XD.
Mild Steel
Pierce capacity (argon-assist shield gas) 40mm / 1-9/16"50mm / 2"
Pierce capacity (standard air shield gas) 35mm / 1-3/8"45mm / 1-3/4"
Severance60mm / 2-3/8"80mm / 3-1/8"
Stainless Steel
Pierce capacity 22mm / 7/8"38mm / 1-1/2"
Severance38mm / 1-1/2"75mm / 3"
Pierce capacity 25mm / 1"38mm / 1-1/2"
Severance38mm / 1-1/2"50 / 2"
The XPRs represent the most advanced mechanized plasma cutting technology available and significantly expands on the Hypertherm’s HyDefinition process.

Systems That Feature This Plasma

Unitized Rail & Gantry Bridge