High-definition plasma cutters give 1-3 degrees of cut bevel, virtually no dross and make oxide-free cuts on mild steel. Standard-definition plasmas give 3-5 degrees of cut bevel, some dross that will need to be cleaned prior to welding. Our high-def plasmas include the Hypertherm HPRXD and XPR cutters. Our standard-def plasmas include the air-cooled Hypertherm Powermax 125 and liquid-cooled Hypertherm MAXPRO200.

As the most respected name in CNC plasma cutters, Hypertherm has demonstrated a commitment to advancing technology, making quality products, and supporting every cutting system that carries our name. The first choice of true cutting professionals around the world, Hypertherm plasma cutters are the best available.

Whether your needs are for plant maintenance, light fabrication, or high-volume plate cutting, Victory CNC Plasma has the right Hypertherm system for you. Our top priority is to provide you with plasma systems that will decrease your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

High-def Hypertherm plasma cutter