Our True Hole industrial CNC plasma system represents the best in plasma cutting technology. Our True Hole systems are completely integrated from top to bottom and feature all Hypertherm components. True Hole software was built from the ground up to give you the best possible plasma cut hole. It is automatically applied by the nesting or CNC software to holes up to 1″ (25mm) diameter and holes with a diameter-to-thickness ratio from 2.5:1 to as low as 1:1. True Hole technology is a specific combination of the following parameters that is linked to a given amperage, material type, material thickness and hole size:
    • Process gas type
    • Piercing methodology
    • Gas flow
    • Lead in/lead out technique
    • Amperage
    • Cut speed
    • Reduced timing to optimize hole features
  • The Victory True Hole industrial CNC plasma system features:
    • High-def XPR170, XPR300 or HPR400XD
    • Automatic Gas control 
    • EDGE Connect controller with Phoenix cutting software
    • ProNest advanced nesting software
    • TrueHole: effective up to 1″ (25mm) diameter and hole diameter to thickness ratios from 2.5:1 to as low as 1:1.
    • Torch Height Controller: fully integrated automatic THC & torch collision protection
    • Structural double frame with a 3/16” walled tub
    • Heavy ‘T’ guide rails with 2” steel rollers on rail axis
    • Dual linear slides on the cross axis
    • Built in laser pointer for easy torch positioning
    • Helical gear rack and full power track
    • 400 watt fully synchronized AC brushless servo motors (1 x 400W & 2 x 750W on larger units)
    • Pneumatic pre-loaders driving direct coupled heavy duty precision gear boxes
    • Full motion and nesting software are standard features
    • Options include oxy-fuel cutting, drill, integrated pipe cutter and straightline bevel

    Available in any size from 5’ x 10’ to 8’ x 20’ (unitized) or up to 20′ wide and 100’ long (rail system) in both water table and downdraft configurations. Systems are 2’ wider and 3’ longer to accommodate loading and unloading. The gantry can be parked at the table’s end so the cut area is completely clear to load and unload. Water tables feature manual or electric valve water level control, which allows going from a dry bottom to full table in three minutes. Our long downdraft tables are pneumatically zoned to reduce the collection area to no more than five lineal feet at one time, reducing both the CFM requirements and the loss of environmental air. Water tables are a much more effective system for collecting the dust and smoke inherent to the plasma cutter.

    The CNC software is designed specifically for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. It is operator friendly and comes with pre-drawn profiles and the alphabet, ready for your dimensions. We convert your CAD files to cut files instantly and parts can be nested or changed as needed. Each machine leaves the factory complete with plasma and controller installed and fully tested. All systems feature remote login for training or troubleshooting by Victory or Hypertherm technicians. We deliver and install the table on your floor and then stay and train your operator on-site.