Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut XT technology offers the ultimate in higher productivity, flexibility, and confidence in high precision plasma cutting. Ultra-Cut XT CNC plasma cutters allow you to increase cutting power with the assurance of superior quality, higher productivity, and lower cutting costs. Ultra-Cut XT plasma cutters are available in 100 to 400 Amp outputs for cutting plate up to 2″ (50 mm) thick. Ultra-Cut performance will meet or surpass expectations on mild steel and provide superior results on non-ferrous metals. Ultra-Cut XT flexibility assures you will always have the right system.

All Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut XT CNC plasma cutters can be upgraded on site in 100 Amp increments. Especially beneficial for small shops purchasing a system for the first time, businesses can start with an Ultra-Cut 100-amp plasma cutter with a ½” production cut and add inverters as needed to increase cut capacity. Each 100-amp inverter gives another ½” production cut capacity, up to 400 amps. Another benefit is that if an inverter goes down, it is possible to cut on the remaining inverters to maintain production.

Ultra-Cut CNC plasma cutter advantages:

  • Superior cut quality for greater efficiency
  • Higher production for higher profits
  • Precision cuts on all metals
  • Superior product warranty
  • ScrapCutter option for enhanced productivity

The Ultra-Cut plasma cutter offers superior cutting performance with features like:

  • XT 301-Torch Technology – for enhanced productivity and reliability
  • Heavy Cut™ Technology – best cut quality for thick parts
  • Diameter PRO™ Technology – produces the industry’s most precise holes
  • Water Mist Secondary (WMS) – optimizes non-ferrous metal cutting

Systems That Feature This Plasma