Home 1 Victory TSDual-side drive lighter-duty integrated 5’ x 10’ system with controller, Powermax 125 or Cutmaster A120 plasma cutter
Starting at $43,000
Home 2 PerformanceA Thermal Dynamics Performance controller paired with a standard-def Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster or Auto-Cut plasma cutter
Starting at $69,800
EDGE Connect EDGE ConnectAll Hypertherm components, including EDGE Connect controller, height controller and high-def or standard-def plasma
Starting at $81,000
True Hole True HoleIntegrated system with all Hypertherm components, including EDGE Connect controller with AutoGas, high-def HPR plasma, ProNest and True Hole
Starting at $120,000

System Options

To meet virtually every need, Victory plasma cutting systems feature options such as AutoGas, integrated pipecutter, manual bevel, oxy-fuel cutting and drilling. System Options

Custom Plasma Cutting Systems

Victory builds everything in house and we have the engineering and fabricating expertise to accommodate your special projects and needs. Custom Systems