The Victory TS is a lighter duty version of our regular industrial system. It’s a dual-side drive system constructed of 10 gauge steel (vs. 3/16″ plate for our industrial models). In order to stay at this price point, it does not have nesting and material management software or a collision detector.

The Victory TS features the following:

Thermal Dynamics Performance controller
Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster A120 or Hypertherm Powermax125 plasma cutter
Unitized systems available with 5′ x 10′ cut area and water table or downdraft cutting bed
Cutting beds are 1’ wider and 3’ longer than cut area for loading and unloading
Certified Technical Schools receive a Thermal Dynamics Tech School discount
Remote login is standard and allows Victory technicians to assist you In training and diagnostics
Micro CAD: completely compatible with AutoCAD
Systems leave the factory complete with plasma cutter installed and tested
All systems are delivered and installed by a Victory technician and include onsite training
Options: oxy-fuel torch, nesting software