The Victory II features our own Victory II controller paired with your choice of Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster, Auto-Cut, Ultra-Cut plasma cutters or Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200 or Powermax 125 plasma cutters. With the introduction of Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut XT, you can now upgrade your plasma cutter onsite in 100A increments. Buy the cut capacity you need now and upgrade later!

This unit is available in any size from 5’ x 10’ to 12’ x 40’ (unitized) or up to 20′ wide and 100′ long (gantry) in both water table and downdraft configurations. It has a structural double frame with a welded 3/16” walled tub to withstand the hazards of the industrial environment. Heavy ‘T’ guide rails with 2” steel rollers on the rail axis combined with dual linear slides on the cross axis makes a smooth and accurate guide system. Three 400 watt (1 x 400W & 2 x 750 watt on larger units) fully synchronized AC brushless servo motors riding on pneumatic pre-loaders driving direct coupled precision gear boxes complete the motion drive system. Integrated automatic torch height control, torch collision protection, full motion and nesting software are standard features. Oxy-fuel torch, pneumatic scribing, drilling and integrated pipe cutter are optional.

Water tables feature manual valve water level control, allowing water levels from a dry bottom to full table in 3 minutes and back to a dry bottom in another 3 minutes. Never burn up a pair of gloves again. Never “fish” your finished parts out of a full tank. Our long downdraft tables are pneumatically zoned to reduce the collection area to no more than 5 lineal feet at one time reducing the CFM requirements and the loss of environmental air. Water tables are a much more effective system for collecting the dust and smoke emissions inherent to the plasma cutter.

Our CNC software is designed specifically for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. It is operator friendly with 46 pre-drawn profiles and the alphabet ready for your dimensions. When cutting, everything is adjustable from the main screen. Effortlessly convert AutoCAD® drawings to cut files. Our package even includes a real CAD program. The CAD program works just like AutoCAD® and exchanges and edits drawings made in AutoCAD®, allowing you to create your own new drawings and share them with others. CAD files are instantly converted to cut files. There are no other programs to buy or write. In addition, all our units feature remote login so our techs can assist you in training or diagnostics.

Each machine is built in house and ships complete, with plasma cutter installed and fully tested in our plant before shipment. We deliver and set the machine up ready for production and we stay with you for hands on operational training. The VICTORY II is an easy to operate industrial system ready to make money for you within a few hours of delivery!

Victory II Controller features:

17″ Color LCD Flat Panel Monitor
Intel 2.0 GHz Processor
160 GB Hard Drive & 1 GB RAM
Microsoft Windows 7
Three Estops: one on the controller and one on each end of the gantry
Opto-isolated/relay-based Inputs & Outputs
Complete speed control circuitry
Safety circuit integrated to control all outputs